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A simple, yet powerful DeFi staking ecosystem on Binance Smart Chain.

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What is Stakeable?

Stakeable Finance is a simple yet powerful staking smart contract on Binance Smart Chain. It was deployed with one single intention: to create a staking mechanism that offers some of the most attractive yields in DeFi.

90% of supply was minted to serve as rewards for staking. To farm rewards, you need to purchase Stakeable (STAKE) tokens and lock them for your desired period of time. After the lock-up period expires, you'll receive the initial amount plus yield.

Staking Pools

Saturn Pool

APY 0%

360 Day Lock-Up

Your Balance:

360 Day Yield:

Balance after Staking:

Jupiter Pool

APY 0%

180 Day Lock-Up

Your Balance:

180 Day Yield:

Balance after Staking:

Mercury Pool

APY 0%

90 Day Lock-Up

Your Balance:

90 Day Yield:

Balance after Staking:

Mars Pool

APY 0%

60 Day Lock-Up

Your Balance:

60 Day Yield:

Balance after Staking:

Venus Pool

APY 0%

30 Day Lock-Up

Your Balance:

30 Day Yield:

Balance after Staking:

Moon Pool

APY 0%

7 Day Lock-Up

Your Balance:

7 Day Yield:

Balance after Staking:



General Questions

I've received 10,000 STAKE tokens, what does it mean?

We've decided to assign 10,000 STAKE tokens to active wallets on BSC. This is simple marketing to get users curious about Stakeable. The initial 10,000 tokens are locked forever. You cannot trade, stake nor transfer them. Once you purchase real STAKE tokens on PCSv2, they will replace your 10,000 "virtual tokens" with the purchased amount. Of course, the purchased tokens can be transfered, staked or sold!

What is the total Stakeable (STAKE) supply?

1,000,000,000 circulating / 10,000,000,000 total. 90% are dedicated to staking rewards. 7.5% was supplied as liquidity on PCS. 2.5% is reserved for marketing, listings, team and development.

Who is behind Stakeable?

Stakeable was initially developed by developers from Switzerland. The developers decided to renounce the contract, burn all LP tokens and leave the project to the community.

What was the presale price for Stakeable?

There wasn’t a presale. 7.5% of tokens were made public on PCS and approx. 90% of tokens are owned by the ZERO-address, to be used as staking rewards.

Why is the contract selling 50,000 STAKE tokens from time to time?

10% of each transaction goes towards liquidity. The contract sells the collected fee tokens in batches of 50,000 (to avoid dumping the price) and locks the BNB as liquidity.

What are the liquidity/reflection fees?

There is a 10% liquidity fee for each transaction. No reflection fees are levied. The smart contract accumulates the fee amount and locks it to liquidity on every sell.


How can I stake and farm STAKE tokens?

Stakeable was launched with the goal to make staking as simple as possible. You purchase STAKE tokens on PCSv2, choose your desired lock-up period and stake the tokens. After the lock-up period expires, you receive your inital amount plus yield.

Where is the yield coming from?

Stakeable is trying something that was never done before. 90% of minted tokens are allocaed for yield rewards.

Is there a minimum and maximum duration to stake?

There is a minimum duration of 7 days. The current maximum is 360 days.

Is it possible that rewards will increase/decrease?

Stakeable reward rates (BaseRate and BonusRate) might get adjusted during the first couple of weeks.

What is the highest yield option?

The Saturn Pool is currently the option with the highest yield. Keep in mind that your tokens won't be accessible for the locked period of 360 days.

Can I get staked tokens back before the lock-up period expires?

If you've locked STAKE tokens for any period, you cannot unlock (unstake) them before this period ends.

When are staking rewards distributed?

You will see the rewards reflected every 24 hours in your balance (wallet or block explorer). The balance won't be accessible however, until your chosen staking period expires.

Can I restake tokens or change the staking period?

You cannot add to your initial stake. You can only stake once at a time per wallet (create a new wallet, if you want to stake additional tokens). You can't change the initially chosen period either (only once you unstake after the staking period expires).

What happens if I buy additional tokens, after staking?

Every wallet has two STAKE balances: one that is locked, and one that is unlocked. When you buy STAKE tokens, tokens are unlocked. Once you decide to stake tokens, your tokens become locked. Your wallet will always show the sum of these two balances. You can see how many STAKE tokens you have locked or unlocked on

Can I stake a partial amount?

This functionality will be available soon. At the moment, you can only stake your total balance. If you'd like stake a fraction, create a second wallet and use it for staking (and the first for trading, etc).

My rewards are only X% per day instead of Y%, why?

The yield is not linear! Your rewards accelerate with each passing day towards the final day of your staking period! You can be sure however, that you'll receive the yield amount as you've "signed up for"!

What is the yield formula at a given day?

The formula for yield after day X is: YIELD = (1 + (1/540 * (X/330 + 1)))^X - 1


What makes Stakeable different from other BSC tokens?

We didn't just "copy & paste" the usual smart contract to make a quick buck. Stakeable is a token with UTILITY! We've developed a brand new smart contract that rewards stakers with competitive yields while making staking/unstaking extremely simple and accessible.

What is the Stakeable roadmap?

Growing the community, marketing and exchange listings. Our primary mission is to make staking accessible for as many BSC users as possible. This drives all our decisions. We don't want to promise specific listings, partnerships or applications that will never become reality - as it is the unfortunate case for most BSC projects. Our philosophy is: underpromise, overdeliver.

Why are you focusing only on staking?

We are deploying this brand new smart contract (written by us - not cloned from another project!) with one mission: to make staking simple and accessible while offering some of the best yields in DeFi! We believe that focusing on a single mission will allow this project to grow into something useful, contrary to most meme tokens which usually die shortly after inception due to lack of utility.

How to contribute or join the community?

Join our Telegram and talk to our community leads.

What is the Stakeable contract address?

The BSC contract is 0x5ec2a778717cf1a5018c6ae3a7a2957582a92007 and you can buy tokens on PancakeSwapV2.

How to buy Stakeable (STAKE) tokens?

Buy BNB on TrustWallet or Binance, and purchase Stakeable (STAKE) tokens on PancakeSwapV2.